Program Outcome

The students of MCA from our college will have:

  • Ability to apply knowledge of mathematical, algorithmic, and computing principles appropriate to the discipline.
  • Demonstrate fluency in high level programming..
  • Ability to apply analysis, design, development, and testing principles in the construction of software systems.
  • Ability to document software projects as per industry norms.
  • Ability to choose appropriate set of computer aided software engineering tools for software application development.
  • An ability to communicate effectively, both written and oral, with a range of audiences.
  • Ability to effectively write research document.
  • Ability to function effectively as a member of a team assembled to undertake a common goal and in particular project based team work.
  • Ability to engage in lifelong learning.
  • Comprehend and analyze both legal and ethical issues involving the use of computing in society.
  • Knowledge of contemporary issues.
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