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About Us

Department of MCA, established in 2008-09 with the vision of imparting top-notch education in the field of computer applications useful for bridging the gap between academic and Industry.


To contribute as a knowledge hub in the area of computer application by developing innovative computing professionals and researchers who will respond to the challenges of highly dynamic computing-centric society and also imbibe human values along with effective functionality throughout their career.

  • To provide the students of MCA with quality education by adopting best teaching practices to attain the academic objectives.
  • To provide an environment of high academic excellence, research and entrepreneurship for all aspirant students for facing the global challenges and maintaining high ethical standards with moral values

Program Educational Objectives

The students of Department of MCA will be able to:

  • To progress for their career in software industries, academic and research institutions and other areas where computer applications are deployed or become a software entrepreneur, through quality education.
  • To promote use of open source technology and motivate to develop innovative software development skills and control piracy.
  • To develop critical thinking, communication, teamwork, and leadership skills necessary to function productively and professionally.
  • To induce self-directed, experiential and lifelong learning for contemporary software development.
  • To develop sufficient awareness of the societal impact of technology and of the ethical issues in computer science to make decisions regarding their personal and professional responsibilities.

Program Outcome
  • Ability to apply knowledge of mathematical, algorithmic, and computing principles appropriate to the discipline.
  • Demonstrate fluency in high level programming.
  • Apply analysis, design, development, and testing principles in the construction of software systems.
  • Document software projects as per industry norms.
  • Choose appropriate set of computer aided software engineering tools for software application development.
  • Communicate effectively, both written and oral, with a range of audiences.
  • Write Effective research document.
  • Function effectively as a member of a team assembled to undertake a common goal and in particular project based team work.
  • Engage in life long learning.
  • Comprehend and analyze both legal and ethical issues involving the use of computing in society.
  • Posses knowledge of contemporary issues.

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